Living 50 Plus

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Shopping for an assisted living facility

The decision to move yourself or a family member to an assisted living facility can be difficult. When men and women begin to experience...

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Managing the costs of assisted living

As individuals age, various circumstances have to be reassessed. A current living situation may not be meeting the needs of a senior who...

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Cataract surgery common and effective

As men and women age, their risk for cataracts increases. Starting at age 50, cataract risk rises, and that risk only grows more...

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Cut the costs of your prescriptions

The costs of filling prescriptions is simply too big to bear for many people, even now that the Affordable Care Act has greatly reduced the...

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Alzheimer’s researchers hopeful

Alzheimer's disease has no cure, and its progression cannot be radically slowed. The Alzheimer's Association reports that every 67 seconds...

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Common causes of poor vision

Vision loss is a common condition, as the World Health Organization notes that more than 285 million people across the globe suffer some...

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