All About Pets

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Benefits of live plants in a home aquarium

Many people are drawn to home aquariums because of the beauty and visual interest fish tanks can offer. In addition, fish are relatively...

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How to find a veterinarian

Pets owners must make several important decisions with regard to caring for their pets, not the least of which is finding a veterinarian....

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Did you know?

The Humane Society of the United States and the American Pet Products Association say 20 percent of the 83.3 million owned dogs in 2012...

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Training essential for happy pets

Developing strong and healthy relationships with pets requires that pet owners provide for their pets in a variety of ways. Although...

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Pointers for pet owners traveling with pets in tow

Many individuals and families simply cannot part with their companion animals for long periods of time. As a result, it's become much more...

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How to find a comfortable crate for your dog

Many trainers and veterinarians recommend that dog owners buy dog crates as soon as possible after buying or adopting a dog. A pet owner's...

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