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Common causes of poor vision

Vision loss is a common condition, as the World Health Organization notes that more than 285 million people across the globe suffer some...

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Renovations for senior safety

As adults approach their golden years, the homes they once thought of as sanctuaries can become unsafe. Families wrestle with the decision...

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The benefits to establishing advanced healthcare directives

Healthy adults may give little thought to injuries or illnesses. When the going is good, it is easy to forget about the less pleasant side...

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Senior dating trends and tips

The first Baby Boomers will be turning 70 in 2016, and this generation remains one of the most influential in the country and around the...

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How older adults can reduce their risk of falls

Falls are one of the biggest contributors to fatal and nonfatal injuries among seniors. Such accidents not only threaten safety, but they...

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Alzheimer’s researchers hopeful

Alzheimer's disease has no cure, and its progression cannot be radically slowed. The Alzheimer's Association reports that every 67 seconds...

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Did you know?

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that occurs when a person loses too much bone, produces too little bone or both. Though the disease...

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