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Pet Care

How to find a comfortable crate for your dog

Many trainers and veterinarians recommend that dog owners buy dog crates as soon as possible after buying or adopting a dog. A pet owner's...

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Easy ways to keep your dog’s ears healthy

Many dog owners never give a second thought to the health of their dogs' ears. Unless Fido isn't answering the dinner bell, pet owners may...

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Go green with your pet

Environmentally conscious lifestyles are a way of life for many people. But while men and women may look to hybrid cars or energy-saving...

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Develop a good relationship with your pet’s vet

Developing a solid relationship with a pet's veterinarian is important to the health of the companion animal and can offer peace of mind...

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Tame nail-trimming fears

Trimming pets' nails can test the nerves of pet owners, who might be worried they will cut too much nail off or hurt their dogs or cats....

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What to do when your cat needs a bath

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, indoor cats rarely need baths. That's because indoor cats use...

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Pointers for pet owners traveling with pets in tow

Many individuals and families simply cannot part with their companion animals for long periods of time. As a result, it's become much more...

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