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Transform trash into new and useful items

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generate around 4.6 pounds of trash per person, per day....

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The many ways buying locally grown foods pays dividends

The popularity of organic foods and stores that cater to customers who prefer such foods continues to grow, and that growth has contributed...

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The environmental impact of plastic bags

Plastic bags are used by millions of people to transport their groceries and other purchases. About one million plastic bags are used every...

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Cleaners not always bad for the environment

Shampoos, hand soaps and cleaning products typically contain surfactants, which are substances responsible for producing suds and cutting...

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Did you know?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, wasted food is a significant contributor to climate change. Wasted food...

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The hidden and potentially harmful impact of balloon releases

Balloon decorations can make any party more festive. Inexpensive and easily accessible, balloons can add some lighthearted flare to any...

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