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Living Healthy

Easy ways to start living healthier every day

Contrary to popular belief, adopting a healthy lifestyle is not a difficult undertaking. In certain instances, convenience may need to be...

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Immunizations important for adults, too

New parents can easily become overwhelmed by the number of pediatrician visits their children need. By the time a child celebrates his or...

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Arthritis affects children, too

Aches and pains are a widely accepted side effect of aging. Over time, bones can become more brittle and cushioning tissues between joints...

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Stop colds before they start

The stuffy nose, aches and pains that often accompany the common cold can leave sufferers feeling miserable for a week or more. Cold season...

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Simple ways to maintain your mental acuity

Many people know that a combination of a healthy diet and routine exercise is the best way to maintain their physical health. But what...

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Understanding COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, commonly referred to as COPD, is an umbrella term for several lung diseases that make it difficult...

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Did you know?

Though laughter is often referred to as "the best medicine," no definitive study has been conducted to determine the effects of laughter on...

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