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How to reduce your injury risk when exercising

Exercise enthusiasts look to avoid injury like the plague. Injuries are akin to kryptonite for athletes, who tend to be averse to...

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How to cope with an athletic injury

As any professional athlete can attest, even the most athletic and physically fit individuals can suffer an injury. Professional athletes...

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The benefits of weightlifting for women

Many women steer clear of the free-weight areas inside their gyms, opting instead for treadmills and other cardio machines. Some women may...

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Why you should skip crunches (and what to do in their place)

Abdominal crunches have long been a staple of many people's workouts. Crunches have been credited with helping to reduce belly fat and...

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How to improve flexibility

Many men and women become less flexible as they get older. That loss of flexibility can make performing everyday tasks more difficult while...

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How to avoid injury during these popular workouts

The risk of suffering an injury while exercising will never disappear entirely. Even the most seasoned athletes suffer setbacks from time...

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The benefits of resting between workouts

Exercise enthusiasts often find it hard to break from their workout routines, even if that respite is just a single day for ordinary rest...

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Make morning workouts work for you

Many men and women struggle to find time to exercise. If hectic schedules dominated by professional and personal commitments have made it...

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