Communions & Confirmations

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Set Communion and Confirmation ceremony invitations apart

Christian children and young adults continue their religious journeys by participating in the sacraments of Communion and Confirmation. Celebrations are sure to accompany such pivotal moments in their lives. When inviting family members and friends to join in such celebrations, parents can create specialized invitations that set the tone of the ceremonies to come.

Families have many options at their disposal when making invitations/ Whether the idea is to design your own invitation or rely on the bevy of designs at the ready, consider these suggestions for making invitations your own.

• Photos make it personal. One of the ways to set your son or daughter's invitation apart is to include a photograph or silhouette of your child on the invitation. If you will be working with a professional photographer, ask him or her to schedule the session well in advance so that you can take a number of portraits and poses. A photo invitation can serve as a long-lasting momento of the occasion.

• Use a personal thought or quote. Add some sentimentality to invitations by including a special quote in the wording. For religious events, finding an appropriate Biblical passage can be fitting. Otherwise, use special words of hope and faith that align with the deeper meaning behind the particular sacrament your child will be receiving.

• Include a takeaway. In addition to the invitation, give invited guests a token of the special nature of the event to come. Purchase small crucifixes, dove pins or Eucharistic charms from a religious supply center, and place them into the envelope or affix them to the invitation. A small set of rosary beads also can be a nice touch.

• Don't be afraid to keep it simple. If you prefer something less ornate, a simple white linen invitation with an engraved cross is appropriate for such a special occasion.

Invitations will set the tone for the special occasions set to come. Customize invitations to add a unique touch to the festivities.  

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