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Explaining Confirmation names

Generations of Catholics have adopted saints' names as part of their preparations for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. While this tradition is synonymous with the Sacrament of Confirmation for older Catholics, some dioceses are beginning to stray from the practice.

Young people were asked to choose Confirmation names for various reasons. One was to encourage young people on the cusp of being recognized as adults by the Catholic Church to learn more about their faith and the various important figures who helped grow that faith. Another was the idea that choosing a Confirmation name gave young people a saint they could devote their lives to emulating.

But some dioceses have begun to drift away from the tradition of Confirmation names, feeling that  young Catholics should already be given Christian names at birth. Continuing to use their given names during the Sacrament of Confirmation makes the link between the Sacrament of Baptism and Confirmation, both of which are considered Sacraments of Initiation, even stronger.

Still, some dioceses still encourage prospective confirmands to choose Confirmation names as they prepare to receive the sacrament. The following are some of the names youngsters may want to consider as they ready themselves for this important step in their spiritual journeys.
• St. Aaron
• St. Abadios
• St. Alexander
• St. Anne
• St. Baglan
• St. Benedict
• St. Bernadette
• St. Bertha
• St. Cecilia
• St. Ceratius
• St. Clare
• St. Cronan
• St. Daniel
• St. Devota
• St. Dominic
• St. Ephram
• St. Epicharis
• St. Hedda
• St. Hope
• St. Hugh
• St. Jambert
• St. James
• St. John
• St. Julia
• St. Magdalene Cho
• St. Marianne Cope
• St. Maximus
• St. Myron
• St. Paduinus
• St. Phoebe
• St. Ralph
• St. Robert Morton
• St. Samuel
• St. Sophia
• St. Susanna
• St. Theodosia
• St. Thomas
• St. Turana
• St. Valentine
• St. Vincent
• St. Yona
• St. Zoe   

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