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Pregnancy food cravings have been the butt of many jokes, and many husbands to pregnant women expect their better halves to request chocolate, French fries or strange combinations such as pickles and ice cream during a pregnancy. Although there's no definitive answer why pregnancy cravings occur, some feel they must be tied to nutritional needs, serving as the body's way of telling a woman that it needs particular nutrients. Authors of a study published in Frontiers in Psychology delved further into the pregnancy cravings conundrum. Coauthor Natalia C. Orloff, a graduate student at SUNY – Albany, determined cravings may be more psychological than nutritional/physical. She surmises that women crave certain foods because these foods tend to be "forbidden" or "off-limits" in a society so focused on healthy eating. During pregnancy, it may be more socially acceptable to bite into a hot-fudge sundae or enjoy a cheese-topped burger. However, no woman, pregnant or otherwise, should overindulge. Overeating can cause weight gain and potentially negative consequences for mothers and their babies.   

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