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Did you know?

Women rely on bras to provide support under their clothing. Despite the fact that this garment is worn on a daily basis, many women feel it is difficult to find a bra that fits properly. According to lingerie brand Freya, 80 percent of women currently are wearing the wrong bra size, including a cup size that is too small and a band strap size that is too big. If breasts are bulging over the top or from the sides or bottom of the cups, there's a good chance you are wearing the wrong size. If straps are digging into your shoulders, it's a sign that the straps are doing too much of the work and the band size needs to be smaller to provide a snugger fit. Many lingerie stores and other retailers will measure you and make suggestions for custom fitting. Knowledgeable retailers also can help you find a bra style that provides the support you need and the look your prefer.  

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