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Parents have long relied on coupons to help them reduce the cost of raising their families. While it might once have been necessary to scan grocery store circulars and break out the scissors to take advantage of store discounts, more and more consumers are now turning to digital coupons offered via their mobile devices to save money. According to eMarketer, a firm that covers digital marketing, media and commerce, the number of adults who redeem coupons via their mobile devices is expected to rise to roughly 104 million people by 2016. That's a significant uptick from the number of digital couponers in 2014, when a little more than 78.5 million adults took advantage of digital coupons offered via their mobile devices. The growing popularity of mobile coupons has sparked increased interest among marketers, as eMarketer projects that 44.5 percent of marketers will offer mobile coupons in 2016, compared to just 36.5 percent in 2014. Families looking to save money on their next shopping trip would be wise to take their mobile devices along with them.     FP155131

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