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Memorable prom and graduation movies

High school students with proms and graduations on the horizon realize that these events will provide some of the most memorable moments of their lives. Promgoers and graduates frequently look back on this special time in their lives with fondness as they remember the special moments they spent with friends and family.

Prom and graduation are such extraordinary events that many filmmakers have immortalized them on the silver screen. Here's a look at some memorable prom and graduation films; you may learn a thing or two before your own prom and graduation.

• "Twilight": "Twihards" swoon over the pivotal scene when Edward and Bella attend their high school prom together. Bella, who claims to have two left feet, stands on the feet of Edward, and together they dance and enjoy a magical moment under the gazebo. The memorable scene can make any girl wish she had a vampire of her own to take to the prom.

• "Napoleon Dynamite": A film about an awkward and alienated teenager helping his new best friend run for the class presidency resonates with current and former students who can relate to the awkwardness of high school. Decked out in 1970s-era brown suit and wide tie, Napoleon picks up his prom date in rural Idaho in a classic car suped up with hydraulics and driven by friend Pedro's cousins. Napolean later tugs at audience heartstrings while dancing with Deb in her puffy-sleeved glory to the classic Cyndi Lauper tune "Time After Time."

• "Legally Blonde": Shortly after her astonishing legal win in court as a law student, Elle Woods serves as the keynote speaker at her graduation from Harvard Law School, showing that beauty and brains can be joint assets.

• "Say Anything": Fans of this 1980s classic enjoy exploring the insecurities and social pressures of high school and getting ready to move on to the next phase of life through the scope of the relationship between Lloyd and Diane.

• "A Cinderella Story": A familiar tale of students from different social circles, this movie gives the concept a unique spin, as two students fall in love online and keep their identities secret in the weeks leading up to graduation.

• "Carrie": On a prom night gone awry, telekinetic teen Carrie exacts revenge on her mean-spirited classmates in this adaptation of a Stephen King novel.

• "Back to the Future": Marty McFly gets the impossible chance to attend his own parents' prom and help them solidify their feelings for each other. All the while he rocks out to some classic 1950s music, inspiring none other than Chuck Berry along the way.

• "Grease": No prom and graduation movie list would be complete without this classic musical. Despite their differences, a group of friends reunites to share their last glory days of school together — with a few rousing musical numbers.

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