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Prom perfect makeup tips

Prom is a milestone event for many teenagers. Months are spent in preparation for the night of dancing, dinner and reminiscing with classmates and friends.

Guys and girls alike agonize over every decision, from what to wear to whom to take as a date. With so many choices to make, ladies may not give as much thought to their makeup as they do to their gowns or hair styles. But makeup is an important consideration for young ladies on prom night.

The following are a few makeup tips for young ladies who want to shine come prom night.

Focus on one area

Many makeup artists prefer to create one area of focus, such as the lips or the eyes, on the face. Someone going with bold eye colors should leave their lips relatively bland, and vice versa. Those who desire a smokey, lined eye should choose a muted lip shade, while a nude or shimmery shadow will complement bold, red lips. Figure out what makes you feel fabulous and play to that strength.

If you can't decide between eyes and mouth, find another feature to focus on. If you're known for your angular cheekbones, accent them with the right blusher.

Choose colors that complement you

It can be tempting to match makeup to the dress you're wearing. While that approach can work for some women, it is not always the right fit for everyone. It's much better to coordinate makeup based on your skin tone, hair color and eye color.

If there is a particular color palette that brightens up your face and makes your eyes pop, continue to use that for prom makeup and simply enhance it for extra drama.

Make makeup last through the night

Prom makeup should endure through the entire evening. The weather may be warm and you may spend a good deal of the night dancing, so choose formulas with staying power. Help products along with some key application tips. Wash and dry your face and treat accordingly for your type of skin. If your skin produces a lot of oil, you may need to swipe your face with astringent. Moisturize dry skin so makeup will not flake off later in the night.

Foundation primers can help makeup stick to the skin better. Translucent blotting powder can help lock in foundation and provide an adherent surface for lipstick and eye shadow. If you're choosing a bold lip look, select a product that is long-lasting and bring along your lipstick for touch-ups.

Be photo-ready

Makeup that looks good in person may not work as well for the camera. If great prom photos are your goal, consider matte finishes on makeup and skip high-shine powders. Some makeup retailers sell high-definition powders and products. While these certainly may enhance a look under HD cameras and are geared primarily for those on video, they may look chalky or ghostly under certain camera lights.

Do a trial run of your makeup and have someone photograph you to determine how photos will turn out, tweaking your look as necessary.

Don't fret a blemish or two

Nerves and stress can contribute to breakouts. A blemished face is not something you want on prom night, but it's not the end of the world, either. Use a concealer brush to dot concealer on the pimple and fan out to blend it into the surrounding skin. Pat finishing powder on the area to lock it all in. Avoid touching the area, which can negate the effects of the powder.

If makeup is not your forte, consider working with a makeup artist or speaking with sales personnel at the makeup counter of your favorite department store for additional tips.

Remember, one of the best prom looks is a winning smile. That's easily achieved when having fun. Although your look may be important, the goal of prom is to have a good time and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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