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Rings and yearbooks help students invest in good memories

High school is not only a challenging time in a young student's life, but also a period that can have a profound impact on a young person, as so many memories are created in the years students spend in high school.

By the time their high school careers end, students typically have many mementos from their school days. Yearbooks and class rings are two such mementos, and each is a lasting symbol of school and a great way to show alumni pride.


Yearbooks are perhaps the most popular memento among graduates. Schools and yearbook committees go to great lengths to produce yearbooks that highlight the best of what a school has to offer. Well-received yearbooks are those that not only include the standard snapshots of the student body, but piece together the candid photos and stories that really paint a picture of a school and its graduating classes. From a freshman dance to a senior theater production, yearbooks include it all, serving as a one-stop scrapbook of school recollections.

Sales of yearbooks may also be put toward fundraising efforts for the school — fueling future programs and resources for students. Yearbooks give students an accessible way to look back on their youth and shared experiences with other students.

Class rings

Class rings are another way for students to mark their time in high school. Rings are customarily offered for sale to the graduating class. What sets these apart from other school momentos is that they often can be customized based on the interests of the student.

Class rings can feature names, team numbers, icons that represent clubs in which a student participated, and a host of other specific information about graduates. In many cases, rings include the graduation year and a stone that represents the school's color. The size, shape and style of the ring may be predetermined by the school, or soon-to-be graduates may be permitted to design their own rings.

Some schools contract jewelers to provide group pricing to students. However, students can work with jewelers on their own as well. Art Carved, Jostens and Balfour are some of the well-known class ring providers, but mainstream jewelers such as Kay and Zales also offer class rings and graduation jewelry presents.

Rings can be a lasting way to show school pride. Rings sometimes become heirlooms that are handed down through the generations as kids follow in the footsteps of their ancestors.

Men and women often cherish their school yearbooks and class rings from high school. Such mementos will stand the test of time and help anyone recall their high school years.

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