Spring on the Road

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Did you know?

A vehicle identification number, or VIN, is more than just a unique code that distinguishes a car from other vehicles. The VIN can actually tell drivers things about the car as well. By examining the VIN, a driver can learn where his or her car was assembled, the model year of the vehicle, the manufacturer of the vehicle and even the model of the vehicle. How to read a VIN is not something drivers learn in educational courses, so those who want to learn how to decode their VIN can contact the manufacturer of their vehicles. Understanding how to read a VIN can help car buyers determine if the car they are buying is stolen or if the seller is attempting to mislead them in another way. In addition, when drivers have the correct VIN number for a vehicle, they can use that to gain access to a vehicle history report on the car or truck. Such reports will indicate the vehicle's ownership and accident history, further protecting buyers from purchasing a lemon or stolen vehicle.

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