Think Green

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Did you know?

Plastic bottles are routinely recycled into other plastic items and new bottles, but they can be turned into much more. When you were sipping water from that bottle, you probably never thought of the possibilities of wearing that very plastic. However, fabric innovators are turning disposed plastic into durable garments. When compared with producing virgin materials, recycling plastic products helps save up to 70 percent on energy costs. Recycled bottles can be broken down into pellets of pure recycled plastic that is virtually indistinguishable from virgin plastic. Then the pellets are turned into yarn, which can be woven as-is or mixed with other yarns to produce polyester clothing. According to Waste 2 Wear, a recycled clothing company, anywhere from 12 to 20 bottles can be saved per garment and transformed into anything from robes to shirts to uniforms. Recycled clothing presents yet another way to turn trash into treasure.

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